The best cosmetics in life:
Truth for lips;
Pity for eyes;
Charity for hands;
Smile for face;
And Love for heart.
Use them every day to make life Beautiful.
Good day!

A good heart can win many relationships;
A good nature can win many good hearts!
Hv A GooD DaY!

These R D wonderful pairs in this world:
Heart N Beats;
Night N Moon;
Birds N Songs;
Roses and Love;
You N Your smile.
So keep smiling
Have Bright N Beautiful Day

Patience with family is Love;
Patience with others is Respect;
Patience with self is Confidence;
And patience with God is Faith.
May God give you a lot of patience!
Good day!

What we receive is information;
What we preserve is knowledge;
What we use is intelligence;
But what, when and how we use it is our wisdom!
Good day!